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Tusken Robes

Tea Dying Fabric

The stuff that I found that worked really and took a Tea Dye coloring very very nicely was a material called “Osnaburg”, it’s a rough-ish natural colored cotton.

I did tea dying on most of my costume fabrics

I got a cheap box of 100 Lipton black tea bags for a couple bucks.

I would put a gallon or two of water on depending on how much fabric I needed to dye, and put like 20 tea bags in (it really helps to tie the strings together so you can get them all out at once.)

I would bring the water to a boil, kill the heat and throw in the tea bags, steep it for like 15, 20 sometimes 30 minutes. Basically, walk away and do something else for a bit, come back to a nice dark color.

Remove tea bags, and dunk fabric in all wadded up. Cover with a plate to hold fabric under, and go away for a while. A couple hours is good.

Then rinse under cold water to set, and throw in the dryer.

Fabrics, even 100% cottons varied quite a bit on how much color they picked up, but starting with a natural non bleached cotton is a good start. It gives it a nice dusty looking brown which is perfect for a Sandperson.

I’ve heard of people having bad experiences with brown dies coming out pinkish, but I got great results from the tea dying.


coming soon



Here are the gloves/arm sleeves for the tusken costume that I did tonight.

I got a pair of cheap ($1.98 at hardware store) gloves, ripped the cuff off, and made a fabric sleeve to attach to it via sewing. I also did a little tea dying to get a browner color than the white canvas it started out as.  With the cuff on, it looks like an opera glove, and should fit like one.  Mine are snug all the way up the arm and on the fingers.   I bought size small gloves because the fit my fingers well, even though I normally wear a Medium sized glove for my hands.

I then test fit a cloth strip till I got what I thought looked all right, and covered the logo on the back of the hand of the glove. Then I laid down a bead of E6000 glue along the strip, put the glove on, and wrapped the strip around my arm. After I got it situated, I pressed it down to get a good bond on the glue, and slipped it off to let it dry.

I’ve worn them once so far, and they work well.  Might need to sew down the ends, because one is coming loose.


Comings soon.

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