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Tusken Raider

Tusken Raider


One does not tread the Jundland Wastes lightly, for the fearsome Tusken Raiders dwell there.  These desert nomads, also known as “Sandpeople” in the Star Wars universe are seen in Star Wars episode IV where they threaten Luke, and are chased away by Old Ben Kenobi.  They are make a brief appearance in Stare Wars episode I, where they take a pot shot at the pod racers as they go by.

The helmet is made from a vacuformed face plate, based on a custom mold I created for this project.  The face details are resin casts of wood masters I made for this project as well.  The rest of the costume was sewn or glued cloth, often dyed in a “tea staining” process I used to get the sand/dirty colors needed for this costume.

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