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Queen Amidala Post Senate Gown

Star Wars Ep. I: Queen Amidala Post Senate Gown


The original of this costume is seen in Star Wars Episode I, and is worn by Natalie Portman playing the character of Queen Amidala. It is known as the “Black Travel Gown”.

From Dressing a Galaxy: Made of black fringed silk and cut chenille with panne velvet rouleau and lined in gray shot-silk taffeta, this gown was seen in both the Post-Senate scene and Palpatine’s arrival on Naboo. And as in the Star Wars universe, the bead work on this gown is antique, dating back to the 1910s. However, Trisha Biggar was unsure exactly what the bead work was from, whether is be a dress or something else. ‘We think it was a dress, but it was in so many pieces we weren’t sure what it was.’ Regardless of where they got the beads from, Biggar’s team was able to transform them into beautiful embroidered designs.

This reproduction version uses a black velvet as the base material, and all of the panels are hand beaded. The hair is done with a fake hair piece made and shaped with foam, with fake hair covering that. The assembly is attached to a headband and is placed on the head, with real hair combed over it. The top tube is also made of foam, and is attached over a braid of hair, and pinned into place.

This costume has won two prizes in both Masquerades it has entered.
Most Beautiful Entry – San Diego Comicon Masquerade ‘04
Best Beadwork, and Best Recreation Novice – Norwescon Masquerade ‘03


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