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Ministry of Magic Official

Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic Official


Robe: The robe is made from pin striped fabric found in LA’s garment district on our last trip.  A dollar a yard no less.    The costume is based on the robes that Cornelius Fudge wears in the movies, as well as Barty Crouch Sr.. I believe.

The robe is constructed from a Simplicity 4916 Mens Coat pattern (the Van Helsing knock off pattern, now out of print).  The pattern is heavily modified though, not stock.  I added 7″ to the caplet to match the movie look, shortened the hem considerably, to just below my knee.  I did all the cutting, and my wife did all the sewing (she’s better at it than I am).  The pattern included sleeves were junked, and she replaced them with standard robe sleeves from Simplicity 5840, still in print.  The coat is left open, not buckled at all to keep the flowing look.  I intend to sew a wand pocket in it, to make carry the wand easier.  To save time I ditched the pockets too.

Hat: The hat was $40 wool felt bowler from Byrnie Utz Hats, in downtown Seattle.  Nice looking hat, in the style of the English Bowler. Not movie accurate, but I wanted a bowler anyway.

Pants I had already.  The pin stripe happened to match fairly close, so I was lucky there.  Vest is from another costume, and the shirt is just a old dress shirt.  Later on I want to get a different shirt, make a matching pin striped vest, and wear my Hufflepuff tie from my alma mater!  Go Hufflepuff!

Wand: out of the last batch of wands I made, I decided to keep the Walnut/Tulipwood wand because it was just looked so nice.

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